The excitement is new, the romance is palpable.

Your thoughts flitter, your emotions take flight. You’re loved and you’re in love. You’ve taken your relationship to a new level. You’re engaged.

Let’s capture this unrepeatable time in your lives together.

Whether you consider yourselves to be a charmingly odd couple, a pair of goofy misfits, a duo of discerning tastes, or a down-home country twosome, Jennifer can capture the qualities that highlight who you are as a team.

Using humor, romance, light, props and unique background choices, Jennifer structures your session to catch you two in candid shots that spotlight the connection you share. Love adventure? Have an affinity for breweries or wineries? Dig urban settings? Share an enjoyment of books or theater? Your session will match the vibe and personality of your special relationship, giving you a momentous way to officially announce your engagement.


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