Time is fleeting.

And nowhere is that more noticeable than while trying to keep up with the changes of a growing family. One moment the kids seem to be taking their first steps, the next, they’re striding toward grabbing their diploma. Though exciting, it can be bittersweet. Capture those snippets in time with professional family portraits by Jennifer Elle.

From pregnancy photos to family reunions and anniversary parties, Jennifer’s work is designed to reflect the unique and special bond your family shares. Using family traditions, shared interests, humor, cultural attachments and familiar landscapes, she creates a portfolio that emphasizes who you are as a family to ensure you can always look back on this time with love and appreciation.

After more than 20 years of photographic services experience, Jennifer has captured the personality of hundreds of Colorado families. From a child’s mischievous smirk to a patriarch’s strongly set jawline, these are the characteristics Jennifer strives to enhance through photography. Combining an artistic eye for detail with unsurpassed technical prowess, Jennifer’s goal is to create images that are a true and accurate reflection of your family and its favorite moments in time.

Don’t let another milestone pass by. Get started now by scheduling a personal consultation with Jennifer now.