True photographers understand the special joy parents experience when their child reaches their senior year of high school.

Straddling the exquisitely fine line between childhood and adulthood, your senior exhibits a burgeoning personality and spirit that begs to be recognized. Seizing what is uniquely appealing about your son or daughter is Jennifer Elle’s one pressing goal. Bringing out the best in even the most camera-shy teen, she uses humor, patience and judgment-free appreciation to create a comfortable and welcoming vibe that students enjoy. Utilizing a variety of outdoor settings or environments where your teen feels a personal connection, alongside exceptional technical skills, cutting-edge equipment and superior editing software, Jen is able to create a portfolio of images that is sure to become a family treasure.

Time is of the essence for all senior photography needs and graduation photos. Make sure to schedule your session now in order to ensure you get the images you desire in time. Contact Jennifer’s team now.